Cyberex® Introduces Next Generation CyberWave" UPS for Industrial, Petrochemical and Utility Applications
Cyberex®, LLC is proud to introduce its next generation CyberWave" UPS, industrial, petrochemical and utility environments. CyberWave UPS is available in nine different kVA ratings between 10-112kVA, all single-phase output.

This latest CyberWave UPS has all the same features as previous versions, but also offers several upgrades. Temperature compensated battery charging and automatic battery equalize are standard. In addition, two CyberWave UPSs can now be placed in a cascaded redundant configuration for increased redundancy and system reliability.

The biggest addition to the latest generation CyberWave is Modbus communications (optional). CyberWave meters, events and alarms can be viewed remotely in real time via a RS 232 port.

CyberWave UPS is the first indutrial UPS with full digital control in the world. It can be controlled and monitored through an interactive, touch screen front panel - a Cyberex exclusive. This VGA color PowerPad allows users to monitor hundreds of key system parameters and to digitally control dozens of system setpoints.

CyberWave’s digital signal processor (DSP) controlled, IGBT pulse width modulated (PWM) inverter provides superior voltage regulation and transient response and also maintains a minimal voltage total harmonic distortion (VTHD) of less than 5%.

The standard input and output isolation transformers fully isolate critical loads from incoming AC power. Moreover, these input and output isolation transformers provide both DC and line noise isolation, greatly improving power quality and UPS system performance.

Other features include:
  • Microprocessor supervision
  • Inverter short-circuit protection
  • Surface mounted printed circuit boards
  • Maintenance Bypass Switch
  • SmartTest for UPS static switch & battery
  • Multiple options for metering, switchgear and diagnostics
  • DSP feedback controls
  • Fiber Optic control wiring
  • Compact dimensions
  • Rugged, modular mechanical designs

Since 1968, Cyberex has supplied high-performance, integrated, custom power solutions to the most demanding industrial customers worldwide. Cyberex continues to maintain its technological leadership position which led to the invention of the world’s first commercially available PWM UPS (1968); the world’s first stand-alone static transfer switch (1971); the world’s first fully-digital static transfer switch incorporating technology patented by Cyberex (1994); and the world’s first fully-digital three- and single-phase UPS systems (1994).


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